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PSHE and Relationships Education

As a school we use HeartSmart and My Happy MInd to deliver our PSHE.

What is HeartSmart?

HeartSmart is a creative approach that we use to build character, emotional health and resilience in children. It equips them with foundational principles and skills that will improve their mental health, relationships and academic achievement. As a school we recognise the value of educating the heart alongside educating the mind and HeartSmart is a great tool to do just that.

HeartSmart is a powerful toolkit that helps children learn how to be smart with their heart so that they can grow into thriving adults. The life of our hearts affects the whole of our life. What is in our heart will always be played out. Our lives will be greater or worse, more courageous or more fearful by what is in our heart. Therefore, learning about how to lead our heart, when to lead from our heart, how to process pain, how to hope and how to love others is essential in learning about how to live. Through the HeartSmart High Five and the lovable robot character Boris, children will be learning what it means to be a powerful person, how to make good choices and how to love themselves and those around them well.

The Heartsmart 'high fives' (used as hooks throughout the resources): 

Don't forget to let love in! (Love) 

Too much selfie isn't healthy! (Love/Respect) 

Don't rub it in, rub it out (Courage/Resilience) 

Fake is a mistake (Courage/Respect) 

No way through isn't true (Courage/Resilience) 

HeartSmart at Home

You and your child can continue to engage with HeartSmart at home by exploring the books and games in Boris the Robot's Shed:

There are some fun phrases that are part of the programme. They are called the HeartSmart High Five. Here is a brief overview:

My Happy Mind

At Cleeve Prior CE Primary School, we use ‘My Happy Mind’ to help create a positive mental well-being culture in which children build resilience, self-esteem, and character. My Happy Mind, which is endorsed by the NHS, uses the latest research, science, and technology to help children develop lifelong habits and learn to thrive.

My Happy Mind is taught across the whole school in weekly sessions, and consists of 5 units:

1. Meet Your Brain – Learning about how our brains work.

2. Celebrate – Understanding our character strengths and celebrating ourselves.

3. Appreciate – Developing gratitude as a habit.

4. Relate – Building positive relationships.

5. Engage – Engaging with the world.


My Happy Mind is all based around helping children to understand how their brain works and to support them in developing positive skills and habits to be their very best selves!

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